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Luke fricken Brooks followed 14/2/13 (VALENTINES DAY!!... RANDOMLY!). Its meant to be <3
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So today as a prank I made a sheet music print out of Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball but replaced the name with “Christmas Time Meditation” and deleted the words and I’m going to put it in the with church music and see if the pianist notices.

He noticed and I can now add “Yelled at by two priests at once” to my list of accomplishments

are you Bart Simpson?

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jhsbjchdsfvsduhgvuasvdfuqasvdu asked: Nigga it's you


Y’all should go follow me 


There is never a bad time to listen to arctic monkeys. walking to class sadly? arctic monkeys. feeling lonely and unattractive? arctic monkeys. getting undressed for bed? surprise you’re now doing a strip tease. this is the power of the monkeys 

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O m g I’m actually so dumb I asked you guys to follow my other account but didn’t give it to you so here you go (I follow back)


Can y’all go follow my other blog ily 4evs and I’ll follow ya back :)

Holy fuckin shit luke still follows me

Ariana Grande and Jai Brooks at Disneyland

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